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Two WOMEN, passionate about inspiring others

Katy Rey, Chief Hype Officer

Katy Rey is the host of Tampa Bay based podcast, Not A Great Whisperer and a leader in the IT Sales and Marketing industry for over 12 years. Her experience extends from a wide range of technology conglomerates and forerunners such as Samsung, Dell and Tesla, Inc.


Maintaining cultures, solidifying and scaling processes during company growth or developmental periods is her passion. She avidly prepares individuals for professional and personal growth leading them to an overall better quality of life. Katy’s vigor and enthusiasm for life presents itself in her interactions with others. She unites herself with women and mens organizations to empower one another to live life authentically by owning their stories and not being defined by labels. After experiencing multiple setbacks and obstacles in her own life and career, Katy chose to maintain an unstoppable attitude and overcame the challenges in her path. She has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their life goals as a speaker, host and coach.


Amy Mangueira, Chief Balance Officer

From teacher to business consultant, Amy Mangueira has spent the last 17 years as a marketing leader, consulting with over 50 companies, from start-ups to enterprise brands. She has worked with senior level marketers, senior leaders, and large teams.

During her time consulting, Amy experienced some of the best and worst company cultures, deeply rooted in leadership shortcomings that always resulted in burnout. Her firsthand experience led her to begin business consulting centered around people first. Amy's experience coaching business owners and working to build burnout-free cultures has led to more happier, healthier companies. She has hosted workshops via Shopify for Start-ups, frequently speaks at leadership conferences, is the host of Life in MY Terms podcast, and is the author of The Path To Break-Free From Burnout. Amy is a certified life coach specializing in executive coaching and burnout. Her philosophy is centered around empowering people - and helping them to find the balance, build strategies to manage stress, and optimize their energy.

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